‘t Spectrum and Martin Visser

The brand was set up in 1941 (sic!) and is present in the market today. Spectrum owes its success to Martin Visser, who started to cooperate with the factory in the mid-1950s and designed a thoroughly modern collection of furniture with lines reduced to minimum. Visser’s designs gave the Spectrum brand a style which is present in its next collections even today, furniture in which a well-thought form and balanced proportions, not the ornamentation, create classic beauty. A combination of metal, wood and a homogenous colour of upholstery creates simple lines and surfaces. The sofas and armchairs from this collection are manufactured even today. Items from the 1950s and 1960s fetch prices in the international antiquarian markets that are often higher than prices for the works by Danes who were Visser’s contemporaries. The Central Museum in Utrecht organized a retrospective exhibition of Visser works in 1991. One of the greatest museums of modern art in the Netherlands, the Kroeller-Mueller Museum, collected a complete collection of his works.